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June 2017
Episode 17: Ivan Roque

Episode 17: Ivan Roque

Episode 17: Ivan Roque The life of an artist is often an interesting one....
June 8, 2017
May 2017
Episode 16: Renda Writer

Episode 16: Renda Writer

Episode 16: Renda Writer We all have to start somewhere.  Some artists know they...
May 25, 2017

”The Kiss” by Dan Ferrer

Here is the last work of the internationaly recognised artist Dan Ferrer titled as:...
May 20, 2017

INTI wall in Australia

INTI recently attended the Wonderwalls festival in Australia and has kindly provided us with...
May 18, 2017

Street Art in Amazonian town Yurimaguas

Malik MkMh is a French street art lover who has documented with his camera...
May 17, 2017

AXE COLOURS New intervention in Sant Feliu

Adrià (Smaug) and Oriol (Gúma) are friends since childhood and began to paint in...
May 16, 2017

New wall by TelmoMiel for Midland (AU)

Once again this amazing Duo have created an amazing piece of art and this...
May 15, 2017

Nuart: ‘The Last Traveler’ by NIMI

The Last Traveler by Bergen-based artist NIMI is the latest addition to Nuart’s ‘Art...
May 14, 2017

Polite BastArt wall on H. Marcuse

Croatian artist, Polite BastArt, based in the city of Pula has recently made his...
May 12, 2017


Dourone has made intervention number 41 at Le M.U.R of Mulhouse in France, where...
May 12, 2017
Episode 15: Kelcie McQuaid

Episode 15: Kelcie McQuaid

Episode 15: Kelcie McQuaid Not only is art a way for people to take...
May 11, 2017

Best Celebrity-Inspired Street Art

Like it or not, celebrities wield a lot of influence. So it comes as...
May 11, 2017

New mural by Cristian Blanxer and Sendys at the Arnau Theater in Barcelona

This weekend, muralists Cristian Blanxer and Sendys have renovated the lower front of the...
May 10, 2017


The sunny city of Palma, Spain, is where Grip Face created his latest work. The artist...
May 9, 2017


Maga is illustrator, wall painter and an education’s professional, influenced by comics, Japanese illustration,...
May 8, 2017

BYG’s new intervention for the 12+1 project (Barcelona)

“GO, GO, GO” is the new intervention for the 12+1 project, Urban Art in L’Hospitalet...
May 7, 2017

“Dolphins” – Opiemme tribute to Sibilla Aleramo

You got love art in all forms and you got love even more when...
May 5, 2017
April 2017

Episode 14: Frank Papandrea

Episode 14: Frank Papandrea Art is much more than pretty paintings hotels hang up...
April 27, 2017

ROSH 333 in GAR GAR Festival 2017

Rosh333 was the first artist to paint in GAR GAR Festival this year in...
April 25, 2017

ETNIK`S Latest work in Turin

Etnik just sent us his latest new project in Turin and it is an...
April 23, 2017

Johannes Mundinger at Crystal Ship Festival

Johannes Mundinger recently visited Ostend, Belgium, where he stayed for a week to participate...
April 20, 2017

Urban Art Residence PUBBLICA Italy

The art residence titled “PUBBLICA”, has so far 9 great participations and was directed by...
April 19, 2017

Billboard street art by Thepinkbear

UK based street artist, Thepinkbear, recently intervened on a billboard advertisment of female orientated...
April 18, 2017
Episode 13: Amanda Valdes

Episode 13: Amanda Valdes

Episode 13: Amanda Valdes There’s so much involved in being an artist. As rapper...
April 13, 2017

Interactive Urban Art Project Génesis, Barcelona

Genesis says that God created the world in 7 days. Inspired by this idea,...
April 13, 2017

EDJINN wall for Project 12+1 in Barcelona

EDJINN (Barcelona, 1987), lives and works in Barcelona. He studied design in the Art...
April 12, 2017


The Russian graphic designer and muralist STFNV created and amazing wall for the Outline...
April 11, 2017

E A S T * W I N D 5 Walls in Granada & Peligros

E A S T * W I N D 5 presents their walls in...
April 10, 2017

Macro Artificial Biodiversity by Skount

”Macro artificial Biodiversity” is the title of Skount’s latest creation for the Sea Container...
April 9, 2017
March 2017
Episode 12: Doug McCraw and Evan Snow

Episode 12: Doug McCraw and Evan Snow

Episode 12: Doug McCraw and Evan Snow Art and technology.  On the surface, there...
March 30, 2017