Artist Spotlight: Rolando Chang Barrero

Rolando Chang Barrero

Rolando Chang Barrero is an OG of the Palm Beach art scene.  He’s a self-made man whose expresses himself through his art.  Through the ‘Pajaros’ that helped him achieve his success.  He sold his ‘Pajaros’ paintings for $10 in his early days as an artist.  Slowly they started to get more popular and they’re now emblazoned on murals.  Rolando owns multiple galleries and artistic awards, represents over 50 artists and he’s deservedly one of the most respected people in the Palm Beach art community.

And his art is maybe half as liberating as his eccentric character.  He’s one of those people you remember for the rest of your days, leaving lasting impressions for the positive ways with which he approaches life.  Rolando Chang Barrero is a true artist.

Look out for Rolando’s podcast soon on Vivid Arts.  More from his bio:

Rolando is a native Floridian. Born in Coconut Grove and currently resides in the City of West Palm Beach.  He’s a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he received two academic scholarships and graduated with the lauded Ryerson Traveling Fellowship.

Currently Rolando is the sole proprietor and curator of three galleries located in Palm Beach County: The Box GalleryRolando Chang Barrero Fine Art and ActivistArtistA Gallery.

Rolando has been recognized as 1 of 10 Best Visual Artists in Palm Beach, one the nine most intriguing persons in the arts, one of the top green trailblazers, and has received a Congressional Letter of Commendation for his contributions in the advancement for the arts.

Artist Spotlight: Rolando Chang Barrero

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Rolando Chang Barrero
PROTEST by Rolando Chang Barrero
Roly VA Podcast pics
Umbrella by Rolando Chang Barrero

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