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13 Apr 2017

Interactive Urban Art Project Génesis, Barcelona

Genesis says that God created the world in 7 days. Inspired by this idea, during 2016, the space of Metric Market, Barcelona, invited 7 Street Artists to interpret each one of these chapters: I. Creation from nothing – Leon Ka /Spain/ II. Day and Night – Klub 7 /Diskorobot, Lowskii//Germany/ III. Water – ZED1 /Italy/ IV. Plants – Zosen /Argentina /Spain/ V. Animals – Saddo /Romania/ VI. Human – Insane51 /Greece/ VII. Rest – Txemy /Spain – Canary Islands/ Chapter […]

29 Jan 2017

Florentin – Israel’s unofficial street art capital

Street art is one of the most ascendant forms of visual expression in cities across the world. In Israel, the unofficial street-art capital is the bohemian South Tel Aviv neighborhood of Florentin. And the art galleries in this fast gentrifying area are spearheading a movement to give greater exposure to the works of prominent Israeli street artists such as Know Hope (Adam Yekutiel), Foma, Dede, Wonky Monky, Latzi, Untay (Boaz Sides), Signor Gi, jack-tml, Dioz, Maya Gelfman, Nitzan Mintz, Adi […]

27 Jan 2017

Top 10 walls to see in Stavanger (Norway)

”ISSA”, a media partner of Nuart, the international urban art festival that turned a former “oil capital city” in southern Norway into one of the world’s hotspots for graffiti and street art. Here are our favorite murals, enjoy the reading and let us know what are yours! “MEMORIES”, 2014 We love Borondo’s instinctive and strong trait, the way he shapes bodies and countenances with wide strokes, which are thick like the scenes he depicts. Here, the atmosphere giving off the […]

26 Jan 2017

Day of Mistral / Wall by John Kviar in Marseille

As part of the Fraternité Générale movement, the Atelier Juxtapoz invited the artist John KVIAR to perform on a 20 meter high façade in the heart of Marseille. Discover below the video teaser and the photo report. [embedded content] For the more curious, go directly to 40/44 boulevard de Paris, 13003 Marseille!

26 Dec 2016

Discovering street art in Athens, “The new Berlin”

Few months ago, interested in discovering other “European street art capitals “, I started researching on what could have been the most interesting foreign situations to be study and explore. Not that I was losing interest in my national scene, rather than I wanted a comparison: I needed to figure out in which direction things were going on abroad, what kind of attitude, events, experiments, initiatives, techniques were at the rage. The research, however, did not last long due to […]