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27 Oct 2016
Parker Beaudoin: Highlighting the Struggle

Parker Beaudoin: Highlighting the Struggle

Parker Beaudoin: Highlighting the Struggle The struggle. Most of us can attest to it. Working a 9-to-5 and still barely making ends meet. That is what Palm Beach artist and owner of Down the Rabbit Hole Tattoos in Greenacres, Fl., Parker Beaudoin, aims to depict in his recent paintings. “They are made to be able to relate to and make a large statement,” Beaudoin said, “kind of my way of stirring emotion.” Millions of people are out there grinding every […]

10 Oct 2016
Looking Back at GOLDEN Fest's Fifth Year Celebration

Live Art and More at GOLDEN Fest’s Fifth Year Celebration

Live Art and More at GOLDEN Fest’s Fifth Year Celebration Live painting, live music and much more were enjoyed by hundreds at this year’s GOLDEN Fest at the Boynton Beach Arts District.  The outdoor exhibit titled “Portraits #ShadesofCulture Murals, hosted by Rolando Chang Barrero‘s ActivistArtistA, showcased eleven new murals for this year’s event while three musicians performed. Art lovers from all over Florida gathered for the good vibes and better food, capturing photos of the artists adding their finishing touches to their […]

04 Oct 2016
Jean-Michel Basquiat

Street Art Icons: Jean-Michel Basquiat

Street Art Icons: Jean-Michel Basquiat Jean-Michel Basquiat, born on December 2, 1950, of Haitian and Puerto-Rican descendants, paved a road for future minority artists through his neo-expressionist artwork in New York during the 80s. The now extremely influential artist grew up spray-painting graffiti until his career took off, where he began working with top-echelon artists of his generation: most notably the late Andy Warhol. Basquiat’s art utilizes many symbols, words, stick-figures, cartoon characters and even logos. His struggle with drug addiction […]

29 Sep 2016
Keith Haring

Street Art Icons: Keith Haring

Street Art Icons: Keith Haring Born in Reading, Pennsylvania on May 4, 1958, Keith Haring is one of the most iconic and influential artists ever.  Haring arrived in New York when graffiti was beginning to popularize, which became a clear inspiration, in addition to pop-culture and the cartoon-like figures he uses. He incorporated many political and social themes reflecting urban-America in the 1980s such as love, death, social harmony, war and HIV/AIDs, which contributed to his death at the early […]

19 Sep 2016
Letting Go - Mayling Pao

Letting Go – Mayling Pao (Pt.1)

‘Letting Go’ – Mayling Pao (Pt.1) In collaboration with South Florida native BULKS, Mayling Pao brought beauty, flow and color to reflect the surrounding environment for Street Art Revolution.  Their mural, titled ‘Letting Go‘ depicts two women in the foreground with a mixture of things going on around them, including the flowing of their hair, a fluttering bird, what look like waves from the sun and even a glimpse of space. Mayling’s side of the mural, the right side, shows a blue […]

28 Jun 2016
Rolando Chang Barrero

Artist Spotlight: Rolando Chang Barrero

Rolando Chang Barrero is an OG of the Palm Beach art scene.  He’s a self-made man whose expresses himself through his art.  Through the ‘Pajaros’ that helped him achieve his success.  He sold his ‘Pajaros’ paintings for $10 in his early days as an artist.  Slowly they started to get more popular and they’re now emblazoned on murals.  Rolando owns multiple galleries and artistic awards, represents over 50 artists and he’s deservedly one of the most respected people in the Palm Beach art community. […]

23 Jun 2016
Project M/9 COLORS: The Show

Project M/9 COLORS: The Show

From June 6th to 12th, JUSTKIDS, in association with StreetArtNews, was invited by Urban Nation Berlin to take over their notorious signature event Project M. Bringing summer flavors to Berlin they selected six internationally acclaimed artists, including 1010, Askew, Bicicleta Sem Freio, Borondo, Eron and Fafi to create murals around the German capital for Project M/9 “Colors”. The painting week was finalized with a group exhibition showcasing the works of eleven artists including Tristan Eaton, Felipe Pantone, Okuda San Miguel, Crystal […]