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21 Jun 2016

Artist Spotlight: Kas

Kas’ art can only give you a glimpse into the Portuguese artist’s mind.  A piece of the puzzle, if you will. His art often depicts images cut up in puzzle pieces, near or fully complete.  Children are a frequent theme in his murals. His latest project is “Sleeping Beauty” (below) in Amsterdam for The Kings Day Street Art Festival and it will be part of the world’s biggest street art museum opening next year, so keep an eye out for that. […]

16 Jun 2016

Artist Spotlight: Serafima Sokolov

Artist Spotlight: Serafima Sokolov Viewing Sokolov’s art is like going through a psychedelic journey.  I can’t even wrap my head around what her art might look like under the influences.  Brains literally might spontaneously combust. She uses bright and high-contrasting color schemes that really makes her work pop out.  Her work so far has been showcased all over South Florida.  Find out more from Serafima’s deep and inspirational bio! About Serafima: Immigrating to the United States just prior to the fall of the […]

06 Jun 2016

Artist Spotlight: Kazilla

Artist Spotlight: Kazilla From the state of New Mexico, Kazilla is a contemporary urban artist known for her murals emblazoned with majestic objects of beauty: such as women, animals and nature. She incorporates organic shapes and figures in her work, mostly in the form of geometric patterns on surreal landscapes that complement her use of vivid and vibrant colors. Upon moving to Florida to complete her degree at the Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale and further her career as an artist, […]

18 May 2016

A Metamorphosis in Northwood

A Metamorphosis in Northwood Strolling past Northwood Village of West Palm Beach, it’s easy to see all the potential in the area. It has the charming and historic neighborhoods, the tight-knit community, plus people coming from or going to nearby downtown West Palm to take in the burgeoning food and art scene. Through butterflies and dragonflies– animals familiar with changing for the better– Craig McInnis‘ ‘Metamorphosis‘ represents a metaphor of the beautiful transformation taking place in the area he lives […]

05 May 2016
Artist Spotlight: Florida Native Anthony Burks

Artist Spotlight: Florida Native Anthony Burks

Artist Spotlight: Florida Native Anthony Burks Anthony Burks, a native Floridian, has one of the most unique and prolific concepts of both fine and commercial arts in America. He works numerous forms of media including pen & ink, pastels, watercolor and color pencil. “All of the visual art that I do comes from my mind and my heart. It is a gift from God that I love and cherish immensely,” Anthony states in his website’s bio. “Change is a challenge […]

25 Apr 2016
Featured Photographer: Miami Native Jonathan Brooks

Photographer Spotlight: Miami Native Jonathan Brooks

Featured Photographer: Miami Native Jonathan Brooks Born in the sunny metropolis of Miami, Brooks’ work has been exhibited in his birthplace, NYC, Amsterdam, France, Germany, and the UK. In June, Brooks attended Creative Capital Foundation’s Professional Development Program Workshop, a partnership with the Florida Department of Cultural Affairs and FSU. The foundation began as an initiative of the Andy Warhol Foundation and invests in artists who shape the future. It was funded by The National Endowment for the Arts. His work […]