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08 May 2017


Maga is illustrator, wall painter and an education’s professional, influenced by comics, Japanese illustration, surrealism, mythologies etc…  She did this amazing intervention in Sant Feliu for Contorno Urbano and Kaligrafics, called “THE NIGHT”. “When the night falls, the strange creatures of the city wake up and observe how the moon reveals its mysteries. This is the moment when magic happens” Artist Links: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/magaillustration/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maga_illustration/ PICTURES: Alex Miró (@mirophotos)

07 May 2017

BYG’s new intervention for the 12+1 project (Barcelona)

“GO, GO, GO” is the new intervention for the 12+1 project, Urban Art in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, in Barcelona. Made by BYG, a collective made by Patricia and Luis, paper and collage lovers’ artists and recognized illustrators. They collaborated in important street art festivals as Asalto (Zaragoza, Spain), Open Walls (Barcelona, Spain) or Poliniza (Valencia, Spain), and did many interventions in the streets. BYG thinks that collage is what is joining and separating, that collage is the meeting, the surprise, what […]

20 Apr 2017

Johannes Mundinger at Crystal Ship Festival

Johannes Mundinger recently visited Ostend, Belgium, where he stayed for a week to participate at the Crystal Ship festival, a public art festival (mostly with murals). Initially, Johannes was invited to paint a bridge, from top to bottom. Sadly just the week before the festival started the permission came for just a part of it! So they had to rearrange and look for another wall. So below is the one he finally played with. It is titled as “Zonder Einde“, […]

19 Apr 2017

Urban Art Residence PUBBLICA Italy

The art residence titled “PUBBLICA”, has so far 9 great participations and was directed by Carlo Vignapiano and Elena Nicoliniwas. It was born as a spontaneous response to a greater demand of attention towards the delicate, but fundamental, relationship between the liveability of public spaces, culture of the area, and the revived urban art practices. FIO SILVA The project is made possible thanks to the active involvement of the entire community of Selci (RI) – captained by the mayor Egisto Colamedici […]

18 Apr 2017

Billboard street art by Thepinkbear

UK based street artist, Thepinkbear, recently intervened on a billboard advertisment of female orientated products. Here is the result after his intervention and a few words from the artist explaining the threats that such billboards hide.   Billboard (before) Billboard (after) The artist explains the intended message behind this intervention: “From what I have learned, constantly comparing your life to others leads to dissatisfaction, especially when we compare our self’s with unattainable imaginary life’s. Our streets should be Our streets […]

12 Apr 2017

EDJINN wall for Project 12+1 in Barcelona

EDJINN (Barcelona, 1987), lives and works in Barcelona. He studied design in the Art School of Winchester and graphic design in the Elisava School. Illustrator and graphic designer, he’s famous for his style both naive and satirical, as for his versatility: urban art, graffiti, illustrations, edition of the “Fine Arts” magazine, commercial works, collages, etc.   For his intervention in the April “12+1”, he told us what was the idea: “I want to contrast old people with new technologies, social […]

09 Apr 2017

Macro Artificial Biodiversity by Skount

”Macro artificial Biodiversity” is the title of Skount’s latest creation for the Sea Container Project that is taking place in Amsterdam since February and is part of the ”Keep it Fresh projects”. Confused? Enjoy the pictures the artist sent to us! As the artist explains in his own words – ”I painted this mural as part of a series that I am currently working in, based on the idea of a possible artificial macro ecosystem, mixing organic, geometric and abstract […]