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22 Feb 2017

New Mural in Paris on Equality by Mateo

ÉGALITÉ / 40×10 meters / RER station “Le Bourget” Paris (FR). A mural that depicts three kids looking at the sky with a sense of hope, one of them hold a Balance, symbol of Equality. “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” motto of the French republic may be questioned nowadays whether in France or elsewhere. This wall is called equality and the project would be to paint two other murals to complete the motto and my work in France.. to be continued. Artist […]

24 Jan 2017

INTI – New wall in Chile

This is the new wall of INTI thats was recently created in Arica, Chile. Titled: “PACHAKUTI” (Quechua), it represents the return to a cycle’s starting point. This mural was made in the city of Arica, north of Chile. As a frontier city, it is for many, the end of a narrow and homogeneous country. However, for others it means a continuation or entrance to the South America which is rich in miscegenation and traditions. The cross-wise South America that knows […]

22 Jan 2017

Irene López León wall in Barcelona

12 artists, 12 months, one wall, one artistic intervention per month and an exhibition at the end of the year showcasing one unique piece created by each artist. Here we show you Irene Lopez Leon ‘s latest wall. The “12+1” project is set in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona), in an open-air art gallery, and features a different work of art each month, created on the same wall. This innovative event seeks to question the way we exhibit street art, and […]

11 Jan 2017

DOURONE mural in Madrid

Street artist DOURONE finished the year 2016, with a mural titled « CONFIANCE ». It was made for the private club of Madrid – The High Class. CONFIANCE is about the trust that one can have in someone. It is refering to whether one can entrust information to another or to just have the firm hope in this person in keeping a secret. DOURONE Link: www.dourone.com Read the Interview: DOURONE, the artist – the traveler See more.

10 Jan 2017

Mona Tusz New mural for UNIQA Art Lodz project

The 4th realization for UNIQA Art Lodz public art, was recently finished. Polish artist Mona Tusz, a graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, created this spacious mural / relief with the elements of stained glass, wood and metal.The project was organized by Lodz’s Event Centre. According to Michał Bieżyński, the Art Director of UNIQA Art Lodz project: ‘The new piece authored by Mona Tusz is a unique realization. Because of it’s spacious character, it could be easily described […]

05 Jan 2017

Blue flame mural by Skount

Here we have some photos of the first mural Skount did on a series of seven murals inspired by the meditations of the Seven cosmic currents of energy. As the artist explains: ”According to the Tibetan esoteric master Djwhal Khul, he calls them the seven channels through which all that exits flows and says that in reality there is nothing in the solar system, whatever its degree of evolution, that neither belongs nor belongs to one of the seven rays.” […]

03 Jan 2017

OZMO – New mural in Miami for the RAW Project

Ozmo created the mural ‘Grab this cock’ at Eneida M. Hartner Elementary School, Wynwood, Miami for the RAW project.  Ozmo’s art is always site-specific, and this gigantic emblem follows the rule. The mural in the Eneida school in Miami was a chance for the artist to work using the renaissance rooster’s image over a trumpet in a neighborhood filled with Caribbean immigrants. The rooster is a symbol of vigilance and wisdom and at once a traditional reference for the Caribbean […]