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31 Dec 2016

Bridging the Gap by ARCY

ARCY completed his largest mural to date this past summer. The mural measures roughly 160′ x 30′ and was painted on the rear of a grandstand stadium in Chicago, IL, USA. ARCY had world renown cinematographer, Calen Albert travel to Chicago to film the entire process. He was also supported with the large amount of material handling by his good friends at Montana Cans. Title: Bridging the GapDate: Summer 2016Location: Chicago, IL, USA Story Line: The mural’s message is an […]

29 Dec 2016

GLASGOW Street Art Overview

An article by LAURENT JACQUET that gives a great insight to the, little known, main street art scene of Glasgow. Here it goes: Last week I spent a day in Glasgow going through the streets with my hand-held camera in search of new artistic discoveries. The walk around the city was surprising. The walls of glasgow hold such interesting surprises. It’s time to share them with you. Glasgow, a large Scottish industrial city an hour’s drive from Edinburgh. Known for its green and […]

28 Dec 2016

Fredone Fone + OÁ Gallery – Project

Fredone Fone recently shared with us his latest project/exhibition titled: “Cá Entre Nós“ (Here between us). This project was realized in collaboration with Thais Hilal, for the OÁ Gallery, financed by collective resources, and with the determination and participation of neighbors that live near the gallery. Oá Gallery is situated exactally on this street where we have painted. All who have contributed on the collective financing won, as a reward, an engraving with the visual project that was painted on the street. All […]

23 Dec 2016

Adam’s Heart By Piotr Chrzanowski

Piotr Chrzanowski AKA Chrzan and his crew with the Urban Forms Foundation painted a new site-specific mural “Adam’s Heart” in the city of Lodz, Poland. It refers to Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam”. Due to the fact that the wall belongs to the facilities of the Medical University the artist decided to link his design with medicine. ”The idea came suddenly” – Chrzanowski says. “I was going through some classical pictures and came across “The Creation of Adam”. I thought […]

21 Dec 2016

Special Christmas – Street Art Collection

Ho-ho-ho! Its Christmas time, whatever that means for each one of you! So we ve picked some of the coolest seasonal walls and came up with a Collection from around the World to celebrate together. Enjoy, share and spread the love! Mas Graffiti in Bordeaux, France Underage and Overworked Elves by Tyler in Mumbai, India CHEMIS in Prague Alessio B in Padova, Italy TYLER street art, Mumbai Maupal , Rome Stra Art,  Australia PichAvo, Spain NME, uk Pichi Avo Vlady […]

20 Dec 2016

Social Space by The Orion

The project named by the artist, “Social Space” has been his opportunity to paint a cosmic awareness regarding our place in the Universe.Until now ‘The Orion’ has painted in Bristol, UK (Upfest 2016), Sibiu, Romania (SISAF Festival) and Brasov, Romania (Amural Festival), allowing him to communicate with people in order to help them acknowledge the immensity of possibilities within the Universe. As you’ll notice, the murals are interconnected between them with visual symbols, that tell a story despite the vast distance […]