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16 May 2017

AXE COLOURS New intervention in Sant Feliu

Adrià (Smaug) and Oriol (Gúma) are friends since childhood and began to paint in 1999. Interested in architecture, design and art, they decided in 2009 to dedicate themselves professionally to design and decoration for businesses and particulars. This is how AXE COLOURS was born and since then they did many interventions. From some years now Oriol is fully dedicated to his architect’s career in London and Hong-Kong and Adriá is fully dedicated to AXE COLOURS, filling Barcelona with art inspired […]

15 May 2017

New wall by TelmoMiel for Midland (AU)

Once again this amazing Duo have created an amazing piece of art and this time it is in the land down under. TelmoMiel are getting us used to many amazing and huge walls, and this is from their latest work on their Australian tour. The wall is in Midland, a land of railway workshops which have been feeding generations, so they decided to honour this economic class by painting a pretty huge piece. The work is called “Life of a story”, […]

14 May 2017

Nuart: ‘The Last Traveler’ by NIMI

The Last Traveler by Bergen-based artist NIMI is the latest addition to Nuart’s ‘Art City’ program: a new initiative to produce work outside of Nuart’s annual flagship festival. NIMI, who originates from South Africa, describes the piece as the story of a journeyman – or woman in this case – who bears the weight of the past on their shoulders. The mural depicts a female character heavily laden by elements of her culture and identity as well as elements of […]

09 May 2017


The sunny city of Palma, Spain, is where Grip Face created his latest work. The artist is known for his eye in details and his graphic works. He decided to paint the obstacle that we face as kids with a graphic touch as well bright colors and a big harmony with the surrounding space. Here are the photos of this fine wall: Thank you Grip Face for sending this great wall!! Tomás Cardoso/ISSA Team

05 May 2017

“Dolphins” – Opiemme tribute to Sibilla Aleramo

You got love art in all forms and you got love even more when an artist pays tribute to another fellow artist. That´s what the Italian artist Opiemme does on his latest piece. Sibilla Aleramo is an Italian writer who Opiemme decided to honor with his piece in the Italian town Civitona Marche. This piece refers to the artist book “A woman at Bay”, that talks about Sibilla Aleramo arrival to this town when she was 11 years old and […]

23 Apr 2017

ETNIK`S Latest work in Turin

Etnik just sent us his latest new project in Turin and it is an amazing big wall. Square23 Gallery invited Etnik to create an amazing piece in Turin. The work represents the contrast between urban landscape and nature. Here is how the wall looked before Etnik “attacked” it: And here is the amazing final result: Great work Etnik!! Tomás Cardoso/ISSA Team The post ETNIK`S Latest work in Turin appeared first on I Support Street Art.

11 Apr 2017


The Russian graphic designer and muralist STFNV created and amazing wall for the Outline festival in Moscow. The Outline Festival in Moscow invited STFNV for a huge wall. The artist went up, higher and higher, and produce this great piece of art. This gigantic wall can be seen from a big distance and it needed a big amount of courage to go up. Check some of the photos: Great work STFNV!! Tomas Cardoso/ISSA Team The post RADIANCE by STFNV in […]