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20 May 2017

”The Kiss” by Dan Ferrer

Here is the last work of the internationaly recognised artist Dan Ferrer titled as: “The Kiss”. This large wall, seen in a complete depiction and its details, was created with spray and acrylic paint in Valencia (Spain). The artist has been inspired by a thought we often come to have: “Sometimes we go, looking … and some time later we realize that we were looking for something that was very close to us”. You can see more works at: www.danferrer.es The […]

18 May 2017

INTI wall in Australia

INTI recently attended the Wonderwalls festival in Australia and has kindly provided us with some fine images of the outcome. The wall is yet another master piece with his typical dominance in colours and style.  Titled: “Our north is the south”   Links:  Artist Facebook link Wonderwalls official website. The post INTI wall in Australia appeared first on I Support Street Art.

17 May 2017

Street Art in Amazonian town Yurimaguas

Malik MkMh is a French street art lover who has documented with his camera some fine walls that depict a culture in a distant town. The pictures are from YURIMAGUAS, a Peruvian town in Amazonia. In this area there is now an increased awareness by its citizens about the environment and the threats that have risen towards nature. The main threat seems to come from the presence of a destroyer Korean palm oil enterprise in their close environment. Many thanx to Malik […]

16 May 2017

AXE COLOURS New intervention in Sant Feliu

Adrià (Smaug) and Oriol (Gúma) are friends since childhood and began to paint in 1999. Interested in architecture, design and art, they decided in 2009 to dedicate themselves professionally to design and decoration for businesses and particulars. This is how AXE COLOURS was born and since then they did many interventions. From some years now Oriol is fully dedicated to his architect’s career in London and Hong-Kong and Adriá is fully dedicated to AXE COLOURS, filling Barcelona with art inspired […]

15 May 2017

New wall by TelmoMiel for Midland (AU)

Once again this amazing Duo have created an amazing piece of art and this time it is in the land down under. TelmoMiel are getting us used to many amazing and huge walls, and this is from their latest work on their Australian tour. The wall is in Midland, a land of railway workshops which have been feeding generations, so they decided to honour this economic class by painting a pretty huge piece. The work is called “Life of a story”, […]

14 May 2017

Nuart: ‘The Last Traveler’ by NIMI

The Last Traveler by Bergen-based artist NIMI is the latest addition to Nuart’s ‘Art City’ program: a new initiative to produce work outside of Nuart’s annual flagship festival. NIMI, who originates from South Africa, describes the piece as the story of a journeyman – or woman in this case – who bears the weight of the past on their shoulders. The mural depicts a female character heavily laden by elements of her culture and identity as well as elements of […]

12 May 2017

Polite BastArt wall on H. Marcuse

Croatian artist, Polite BastArt, based in the city of Pula has recently made his last wall of Herbert Marcuse and his book One-dimensional Man. The short message behind this wall is that no matter if we are workers or bureaucracy , we are all together victims of a consumer society.   ”Marcusius argued that capitalism and industrialization pushed laborers so hard that they began to see themselves as extensions of the objects they were producing. At the beginning of One-Dimensional Man […]