“Dolphins” – Opiemme tribute to Sibilla Aleramo

You got love art in all forms and you got love even more when an artist pays tribute to another fellow artist. That´s what the Italian artist Opiemme does on his latest piece.

Sibilla Aleramo is an Italian writer who Opiemme decided to honor with his piece in the Italian town Civitona Marche. This piece refers to the artist book “A woman at Bay”, that talks about Sibilla Aleramo arrival to this town when she was 11 years old and saw the sea for the first time.
Opiemme, Dolphins, Tribute to Sibilla Aleramo, 2017 (2).jpeg

The first impressions of the sea are the structure of the wall, with Opiemme using  phrases of the first pages of the book in this piece:
“The sea was a bad expanse of silver, the sky an infinite smile resting upon my head…”
“My lungs drank in with avidity all that free air, that salty breath. I would race up and down in the sun on the shore and face the waves as they curled on the sand.”

Opiemme, Dolphins, Tribute to Sibilla Aleramo, 2017 (signature detail).jpeg
The Dolphins are, as Opiemme describes, the symbol of this connection between the writer and the sea, giving the piece a certain movement.
Here is how Opiemme describes his work:
“”Dolphins” is a site-specific mural refering on the hard life of Sibilla Aleramo. A vortex of dolphins, a downard spiral, aims to create a relationship between the sea described in her words, and what she passed through before arriving to this town: being raped by a brutal husband who worked for her father. “
Opiemme, Dolphins, Tribute to Sibilla Aleramo, 2017 (total).jpeg
The costellation of Delphinus and the dolphins are a reference to the series “Vortex” of Opiemme.
Thank you Opiemme for sharing this great tribute with us!!!

Tomás Cardoso/ISSA Team

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