Empty Boy + Stinkfish New wall in Medellín – Colombia

Colombian street artists Empty Boy and Stinkfish have just left Medellin, one of Colombia’s largest cities after creating a fantastic wall depicting a colourful – mother and child – portrait. In this last collaboration they painted this large wall mixing the detailed stencil style of Empty Boy, with the colors of Stinkfish. This wall is located next to the Museum of modern art in Medellín.

08_medellin_colombia_emptyboy_stinkfish_2017 07_medellin_colombia_emptyboy_stinkfish_2017 09_medellin_colombia_emptyboy_stinkfish_2017


03_medellin_colombia_emptyboy_stinkfish_2017 04_medellin_colombia_emptyboy_stinkfish_2017 05_medellin_colombia_emptyboy_stinkfish_2017 06_medellin_colombia_emptyboy_stinkfish_2017


Artist links: @emptboy / @stinkfishstink

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