Episode 13: Amanda Valdes

Episode 13: Amanda Valdes

Episode 13: Amanda Valdes

There’s so much involved in being an artist. As rapper Meek Mill might say, “there are levels to this!”

The journey of an aspiring artist forces you to travel to get your work in front of others.  At first, those expenses are coming out of your pocket with the hopes of selling your art to make your money back.  So it must be a pleasant surprise when your talent affords you new opportunities to travel and experience the world.

Amanda Valdes‘ art has opened those opportunities to travel the world, and through her street and fine art, she leaves her mark. If you’ve been to South Florida, you’ll recognize her macabre and gangly female characters.

The former makeup artist has grown and learned a lot since being an aspiring artist. And she will continue to do so as she perfects her techniques and explores new ones.

Suicide Squad Wynwood mural unveiling #squadgoals #isthisreallife #suicidesquad ????

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Episode 13: Amanda Valdes

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