Episode 15: Kelcie McQuaid

Episode 15: Kelcie McQuaid

Episode 15: Kelcie McQuaid

Not only is art a way for people to take in beauty and evoke messages to make you think, but art can serve therapeutic and even self-enlightening purposes.  Similar to the way journal entries help you gain insight and knowledge about yourself, Kelcie McQuaid’s art helps her shape her thoughts and reflect on her life–and on life in general.

Like any artist, Kelcie expresses herself through her work.  And through this expression of her thoughts, Kelcie has been able to find out who she really is.

Listen to the podcast and peer into the mind of the South Florida artist expressing her social commentary in today’s polarizing political landscape.  Also, get to know her experience after winning Broward New Times Best Emerging Artist in 2015.

Smoke Test, 2016 #acrylic #ink #acetate

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Episode 15: Kelcie McQuaid

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