Episode 16: Renda Writer

Episode 16: Renda Writer

Episode 16: Renda Writer

We all have to start somewhere.  Some artists know they want to be an artist as a child, either through passion or family lineage.  Renda Writer’s journey as an artist really begins the moment he realized the career path he chose, which was in the music industry as a young hip-hop lover, wasn’t the right one for him.

That’s when Renda decided to pursue what he truly loved and what makes him happy, his outlet when he’s unable to make sense of the world we live in.  That’s when Renda pursued his passion of making art.

Listen to the episode and get to know how art and Renda’s outlook on life help him stay positive.

More podcast notes:

  • Renda is creating 5-10 more murals this Summer on his road trip from Miami to Los Angeles.  Watch his video above and donate to help him spread his art at his GoFundMe campaign where he’s raised over $2,000!
  • Follow his World Peace Mural Tour on Facebook, Instagram and his website.

Episode 16: Renda Writer

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