Episode 17: Ivan Roque

Episode 17: Ivan Roque

Episode 17: Ivan Roque

The life of an artist is often an interesting one.  Artists openly express themselves to the world for a living.  It’s often an arduous and humbling journey, but it may yield appreciation, recognition and eventually to a lucky few, fortune.  The profession takes passion and a deep dedication for what you do, in addition to talent and business sense.

And Ivan Roque, the Miami native born to Cuban refugees who swam their way to America, is no different.  It’s easy to see where Ivan’s dedication comes from. The way he sees it, if his parents and grandparents overcame obstacles like risking their lives for the chance of a better future, then he can overcome the everyday struggles of an artist.  Listen to the podcast and get to know the animated and creative mind behind Ivan’s work.


More podcast notes:

  • Ivan recently completed his Lost in the South Mural Tour where he spread his art along the Southeast United States.
  • Follow Ivan on Facebook, Instagram and check out his website for more
  • Check out his profile on the Vivid Arts app

Episode 17: Ivan Roque

Ivan Roque

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