Episode 8: Craig McInnis

Episode 8: Craig McInnis

Episode 8: Craig McInnis

Craig McInnis is a jack of all trades.  He’s an artist in more ways than one– as a fine-art painter, muralist and musician– as well as a scare actor.  This guy is a true creative.

You can catch him painting on canvas or on walls– indoor and outdoor—  or you can catch him playing guitar for his band Raised by Wolves, teaching other artists how to hone their craft at LOT 23 in Northwood Village of West Palm Beach or scaring teens and parents at Fright Nights.

But that’s not what makes him successful if you ask me.  It’s his professionality.  In addition to his aforementioned creative skills, he’s on the board of directors for Art Synergy, he’s a partner of CONTINUUM and he’s the Creative Director of Fright Nights where he scares people until they have nightmares for fun!  Craig’s all about expressing mind in various ways and growing his local art community.  And scaring people.


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Episode 8: Craig McInnis

Craig McInnis' earless Van Gogh at 2016 GOLDEN Fest

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