Episode 9: EMO

Episode 9: EMO

Episode 9: EMO

If you’ve ever been to West Palm Beach, Florida, then it’s likely that you’ve seen one of EMO‘s murals.  All over Florida, as a matter of fact, with one of his most recent murals being in Bradenton.

Ed Mendieta, aka EMO, definitely knows what’s he’s talking about when it comes to art just from his experience, but you can tell he appreciates the art of art.  As a person, he’s humble and down to earth.  Art is his vessel to express himself, and he’s hustled from working at a 7-Eleven to now working full-time as an artist with murals all over Florida — and he continues grinding.

Listen to the podcast to see how he’s worked to get to the point to where he’s at today, and how he balances that with his everyday life as a dad.


More podcast notes:

  • EMO recently painted a mural in Lake Park, Bradenton and Delray Beach.  Check them out on his Instagram for photos.
  • Check out his website for commissions or just to browse
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Episode 9: EMO

Soar by EMO
Mural by EMO
Walk in the Park

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