Fredone Fone + OÁ Gallery – Project

Fredone Fone recently shared with us his latest project/exhibition titled: Cá Entre Nós (Here between us). This project was realized in collaboration with Thais Hilal, for the OÁ Gallery, financed by collective resources, and with the determination and participation of neighbors that live near the gallery. Oá Gallery is situated exactally on this street where we have painted.

fredone-fone-oa-gallery-11 fredone-fone-oa-gallery-16

fredone-fone-oa-gallery-9 fredone-fone-oa-gallery-17 fredone-fone-oa-gallery-3 fredone-fone-oa-gallery-20

All who have contributed on the collective financing won, as a reward, an engraving with the visual project that was painted on the street.

fredone-fone-oa-gallery-13 fredone-fone-oa-gallery-6

All photos by Bruno Coelho.

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