Johannes Mundinger at Crystal Ship Festival

Johannes Mundinger recently visited Ostend, Belgium, where he stayed for a week to participate at the Crystal Ship festival, a public art festival (mostly with murals).

Initially, Johannes was invited to paint a bridge, from top to bottom. Sadly just the week before the festival started the permission came for just a part of it! So they had to rearrange and look for another wall. So below is the one he finally played with.
It is titled as “Zonder Einde“, meaning “without end“, just as the name of the street where half of the wall (the turquoise part) is located.
Going on, reducing shapes and colors the main motive consists of plain shapes. Only the part people can actually stand in front of, for a close look, inherits more details.
johannesmundinger--crystal-ship--zonder-einde-03-m johannesmundinger--crystal-ship--zonder-einde-02-m johannesmundinger--crystal-ship--zonder-einde-01-m
(Work in progress photo by: Ian Cox / www.wallkandy.net @wallkandy)

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