My Background in the Arts: Sarah Gangraw

My Background in the Arts: Sarah Gangraw

My Background in the Arts: Sarah Gangraw

To me, art is a part of my lifestyle – I am art. Just kidding, but art is everywhere, whether you notice it or not. I’m a journalist dabbling in photography and in my free time I experiment with different painting and drawing techniques.  I‘ll be jumping into the world of local art and you can tag along with me as I immerse myself into current art culture around Florida through my blogs. But before I go on, here’s a little about myself and my background in art.

I grew up in a family where music, art, and creativity flowed freely. My father taught me to play the guitar and has written multiple novels, my grandfather was a photographer who was published in National Geographic back in his prime, and my grandmother was an artist. I think this combination fueled my interest in all of these areas, but I eventually narrowed down my biggest passion to writing.

Over the last year I have drained my bank account traveling all over the States, Europe, Australia, and the South Pacific Islands where I was introduced to so many different types of art and creative expression.  I think between spending full days in museums, wandering unfamiliar streets with a camera, and bonding with people through art who didn’t speak a lick of English has really ignited a newfound love for the arts and for people.

When I’m not sitting by a window writing articles with my cat on my lap or reading at a local bar, I can be found sleeping in airports in between flights, eating, or thinking about food at the gym.

I hope that you’ll follow me on my journey to discover and explore the various forms of art in Florida.

Q & A

What is your favorite type of art? 

I am obsessed with Greek and Roman sculptures and I have recently begun to really enjoy street art.  I also think that tattoos are a beautiful form of art.

Who is your favorite artist?

That’s tough, but I’d have to say, Benvenuto Cellini and Salvador Dali.

What is your favorite era of art?

I fell in love with art from the High Renaissance while in Italy.  There really is no comparison to the detail and passion in sculptures from that period.

About how many times did you draw the “S” in middle school?

Are you kidding me? My name starts with an “S”- it was a part of my identity.


Check out some shots from my recent trip to Europe, with my favorite mural in Florence and my favorite sculptures in Rome.  And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.

My Background in the Arts: Sarah Gangraw

Sarah Gangraw's favorite mural in Florence


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Sarah Gangraw

Sarah is a blogger and photographer at Vivid Arts. She is also a freelance journalist and an avid traveler. Her favorite artists are Benvenuto Cellini and Salvador Dali.

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