New wall by TelmoMiel for Midland (AU)

Once again this amazing Duo have created an amazing piece of art and this time it is in the land down under. TelmoMiel are getting us used to many amazing and huge walls, and this is from their latest work on their Australian tour.

The wall is in Midland, a land of railway workshops which have been feeding generations, so they decided to honour this economic class by painting a pretty huge piece.

Life of a story-Telmomiel3

The work is called “Life of a story”, where you can see two generations and the elder reading the stories of previous generations to a younger generation.

Life of a story-Telmomiel1

The artists show their typical lines between a character and a photo realism work, small details and large proportions.

Life of a story-Telmomiel3

Great work TelmoMiel!!

Tomás Cardoso/ISSA Team

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