Podcast Episode 4: Center for Creative Education’s Jonathan Ortiz-Smykla

Podcast Episode 4 - Jonathan Ortiz-Smykla

Podcast Episode 4: Center for Creative Education’s Jonathan Ortiz-Smykla

Show Notes:

  • The Power of Creativity – Behind the Brand, episode with Sir Ken Robinson
    • “You can be creative in anything… creativity is a function of intelligence.”
    • What is imagination?
      • The ability to bring things to mind that aren’t present.
    • What is creativity?
      • The process of having original ideas that have value
      • Practical process of putting your imagination to work
      • Applied imagination
    • What is innovation?
      • Putting original ideas into practice
    • We are surrounded by human creativity
    • It’s not an exotic power, we all have it
    • If we don’t recognize the powers of creativity, “we’re denying people access to what is an essential part of their humanity—it’s probably the only thing that really sets apart the rest of life on earth.”
  • Do schools kill creativity? -Ken Robinson
    • If you are not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything creative.
    • “All kids are born artists, the problem is remaining artists as we grow up” – Picasso
    • We grow out of creativity or rather educated out of creativity
    • Education system came to meet the needs of industrialism
    • People who are good are the arts thing it’s not valued, or it’s stigmatized
    • In today’s age of academic inflation, degrees are not worth anything
    • Intelligence is diver, dynamic, and distinct
    • See our creative capacity for the richness they are and seeing out children for the hope that they are.
  • Here’s How to Become More Creative in the Next 10 Minutes -Larry Kim
    • “Juggling takes practice, as does surfing, coding, and driving a car. Creativity is no different.”
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  • Tales of Creativity – Tim Brown
    • We fear judgment of our peers; causes us to be conservative with our thoughts
    • Playfulness helps us get to creativity
    • As we get older we tend to forget, and have to relearn
  • Art and Leadership: The Power and Purpose of Creativity
    • Confidence is not a game. It’s a practice.
    • It doesn’t matter what you do for a living. It does matter how you define yourself. You’re an artist, and creativity is your strength, not a weakness. Use it to your advantage.
    • The ability to create great art comes from both a great awareness of yourself and what surrounds you.
    • What you create has power. How you see yourself will determine the way that power gets used.
  • Center for Creative Education (CCE)
    • Learning is all about exploration, imagination and creative thinking. The Center for Creative Education engages children through the arts to unlock their potential.
    • Use the arts as a pathway to exploration, education, and self-expression.
    • Focus of programs for children, but have programs for everybody.
      • Lot23
        • Artists in Residency Program
          • Offer artists the opportunity to live in a two-bedroom apartment in the LOT23 artist colony, located in the art-centric, Northwood Village neighborhood.
          • In exchange for enjoying an affordable rent at LOT23, the artist-residents are asked to give back to the community. Those selected would be required to teach art classes 20 hours a month at the Center for Creative Education or other local organization.
        • Master Cartoonist Workshop with Jose Delbo
        • 2016 schedule
          • Intro to drawing, drawing fundamentals, digital photography 101, cake decoration and more
  • Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla Interview – Gallery and Events Manager at Center for Creative Education
    • Develops the artistic capacity and function of the Marjorie S Fisher Gallery at Center for Creative Education while juggling the schedule of special events held by the CCE each year.

Make sure not to miss their upcoming exhibition, ‘Collaboration: African Diaspora.’



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