Social Space by The Orion

The project named by the artist, “Social Space” has been his opportunity to paint a cosmic awareness regarding our place in the Universe.
Until now ‘The Orion’ has painted in Bristol, UK (Upfest 2016), Sibiu, Romania (SISAF Festival) and Brasov, Romania (Amural Festival), allowing him to communicate with people in order to help them acknowledge the immensity of possibilities within the Universe.

As you’ll notice, the murals are interconnected between them with visual symbols, that tell a story despite the vast distance between the murals locations.

Below are the artworks (The Message, Frontier Friends & 1), with a short story for each mural.

The Message

Twenty-five years after the introduction of the World Wide Web, the Information Age we live in has come to a peak.
A world scattered with notifications that come and go. Every second we are sending & receiving millions of emails. As we increasingly spend more time in this virtual reality, much of its content is being ephemeral for us. Messages, photos, videos and more, seize our attention for a brief moment in this fast-paced time we live in. But out there, floating far beyond our own digital borders, there’s one message we sent that will forever exist.


“The Message” tribute is a 180 degree panoramic mural that celebrated Voyager 1‘s 39th anniversary since its launch by NASA on September 5, 1977.
Voyager 1 spacecraft studied the outer Solar System, while carrying a special message in the event that it will be found by intelligent life forms from other planetary systems.

Frontier Friends

”Frontier Friends” mural is a follow-up on the recent major discoveries:
– Hubble’s newest & deepest image of our Universe reveals that it contains at least 10 times more galaxies than previously thought (survey taken within the Frontier Fields program);
– A planet was found in the habitable zone around the nearest star to our Solar System.
Suddenly, the Universe looks a lot more crowded.


Social space spreads out far beyond our own digital borders, into the vastness of the Universe. It’s just a matter of time for us to find all the hidden friend requests within the galactic neighborhood. Which one should we accept?


Billions and billions of notifications are scattered across the Universe. We are just one of them. All that we like, love and share, is on it.


Starting from this instance, to our memories, our history, to the very first life form. This is who we are. It defines our civilization and it shapes the planet we’re living on.
For the moment, we’re just a simple notification in all this Universe.

The Orion:

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