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Photographer Benefits

Turn the Vivid Arts app into your personal art app!

Share your experiences on all things art and get your work in front of those who take interest. Connect with artists, bloggers and other photographers to bring more exposure to your work.

Take shots of all things art, including: murals, landmarks, chic exhibitions, operas and plays, art classes, fashion and more!  Maximize your exposure to your core audience and grow your following!


Upload your content to the app and get exposure for your work.  Manage your shots, media, marketplace and fanbase all in one place.




With a community of artists, bloggers, photographers, galleries and more on Vivid Arts, connecting with the art community is now easier than ever!


Get exposed directly to your target audience– including artists and bloggers– and promote your content, your media (social media and features written about you) and marketplace.


Get your shots in front of art enthusiasts and use the Vivid Arts app as a marketplace for your work so you can make a living selling your work.

Photographer accounts are packed with features for creative professionals

Portfolio applications are being accepted from professional photographers in South Florida.